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Own a Reproduction of the Nosferatu Coat worn in the 1921 Movie of the same name!

Two versions of the coat made famous in the 1921 movie. A simplified version on the left; the fancier version on the right. The coats are shown in Brown Grey Wool with the fancier version having black velvet cuffs added. Other colors available. Two different types of wool fabrics are offered. Wool Flannel fabrics are lighter weight and best used like a modern suitcoat. The 21 ounce heavier wools would be more like a modern wool overcoat. The 21oz wool is really to heavy to wear indoors.

Twenty Four black buttons with black cord loops close the fancy version. Twelve black Buttons and buttonholes close the front on the simplier version. Both are lined with cotton with an inside pocket. Outside pockets at the waistline are available. Made in USA!









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Nosferatu Coat starts at: $399.00 (simple version)

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