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Display models are made as Production Samples and are used here in the shop to help educate folks about the particular details of that military uniform or civilian clothing. May have been tried on by a customer or two but never worn unless mentioned in the text below.

Civilan Day Frock

1860-1875 Civilian Day Frockcoat- Regular Price: $ 399.00, Size 46 Short.

Grey Tweed wool with darker Grey Velvet Collar. Exterior waistline pockets. Grey Ribbed Silk Buttons.

Discount Display Price: $299.00

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1832 US Infantry Enlisted fatigue Jacket Regular Price: $ 299.00, Size 46 Regular

Made with sky blue wool and white wool trim. Two exterior waist pocket and natural Muslin lining

Discount Display Price: $199.00

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1832 US Infy Fatigue
NC Blouse

Confederate NC State Troops 1862 Blouse- Regular Price: $ 279.00, Size 44 Reg.

Made out of B & B Tart Grey Wooljean with North Carolina Starburst Buttons. Natural Cotton Lining.

Discount Display Price: $225.00

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Confederate Cavalry Captain's Shelljacket- Regular Price: $ 449.00, Size 46 Regular.

Medium Grey wool with yellow trim wool for Cavalry branch. Gold Sleeve braid and Collar Bars for the rank of Captain.

Discount Display Price: $350.00

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CS Officers Cpt Shelljacket

US Ordnance Frockcoat


US Enlisted Ordnance Frockcoat- Regular Price: $ 347.00, Size 44 Reg.

Model 1861, Includes Ordnance Sgt Chevrons installed, Crimson worsted wool piping and skirt pockets.

Discount Display Price: $299.00

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US Veterans Reserve Corps Officer Frockcoat- Size 44R. Regular Price: $449.00.

Made with Sky Blue wool and Dark Blue Velvet Cuff and Collar. Included with shoulder boards attached with clips. Choose rank below:

Discount Display Price: $359.00

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US Veterns Officer Frockcoat

Infy Dresscoat Special

#3255I 1832 Infantry Officer Dresscoat

#3255I 1832 Infantry Officer Dresscoat with Silver Bullion Epauelts. Size 44 Reg. Regular Price: $ 1,200.00

The coat is double breasted with 10 buttons in each row, and is made using our Deluxe Dark Blue Wool. The high collar is trimmed in silver lace for Infantry branch of service, and closes completely in the front.

Other features include, tube style sleeves with piped slash for Infantry. White colored turnbacks on the tail for Infantry, piped tail slash with 4 Silver lace loops and large buttons, Silver US Eagle "I" buttons are sewn on, and machine stitched buttonholes. Epaulets shown are included in the discount display price and installed on coat.

Discount Display Price: $799.00 includes Epaulets

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#9862 Infy Officer Khaki Blouse- Regular Price: $ 239.00, Size 44 Regular.

This 1898 Officer's Khaki Blouse is a display peice. It is still in pristeen condition with the exception of two fabric flaws that we discovered after it was completed!

Discount Display Price: $169.00

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1860 US Naval Seaman's Jacket- Regular Price: $ 429.00, Size 44 Regular.

US Navy Seaman's jacket as specified in the 1860 US Navy Regs. Jacket has the high full shawl collar with small naval buttons on the front. Natural cotton lined. This jacket features the 16 ounce deluxe dark blue wool.

Discount Display Price $379.00.

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1860 US Naval Seaman's Jacket

US Naval Seaman's Jacket


1884 Officer Cav Blouse-Regular Price $159.00

Display Discount Price $129.00 (Does Not include Shoulder Boards)


We have one 79th New York Highlander Jacket-

Display Model. Brand new and first quality. Made to the specs of the original coat on display at the Gettysburg museum. Using our Deluxe Dark Blue wool and brown polished cotton inside lining. Made in USA!.

Price: $479.00 , Size 46 Regular.



79th New York State Militia Highlander Jacket

79th New York Highlander Jacket

46 Regular Not your Size? We'd be happy to custom make one for you in your size! Takes about 6 weeks. Simply CLICK HERE





















































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