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Known for Quality Historical Men's Military Uniforms and Civilian Clothing Reproductions- Since 1975

Outside of the Quartermaster Shop

The Quartermaster Shop- where we spend the better part of our lives.  It sure seems like it sometimes! We have been doing historical research on original garments and sewing reproduction clothing for over 45 years! We'd like to add your name to the long list of satisfied QUARTERMASTER SHOP customers!  Call or e-mail us today!

To give you an idea how things work here at the QUARTERMASTER SHOP, let's take a walk thru a typical order from a valued customer- like You! At left, Kay discusses the details with a customer before keying an order into our database and production schedule. She has been with us for over 35 years and is now the Shop Manager. If you call in, there's a good chance you will get to talk with Kay. You may also order on our website: www.qmshop.com. Kay is usually the one that processes those orders 1st thing in the morning.

After the order is entered into our production schedule, it is taken to the pattern layout and cutting department. At right, we are checking all the details and then spread the correct fabric and place the pattern pieces.  Kay does most of the layout and cutting of our garments.

Melissa Sewing

After cutting, your order goes to Melissa, Kay, or Jeff for "rough in"- sewing the outside body pieces and the lining. After rough in, the garment goes to the pressing area to have all the seams pressed open. The pressing operation takes more time, but it gives each garment the quality look that is our hallmark.

After pressing, the garment goes back to the sewing area for more detailed trim work and finishing. Here Melissa, with over 29 years of service, is putting the final touches on a US Artillery Shelljacket collar. Melissa has a sharp eye for quality and detail. She sews most of our US and CS Officer uniforms, along with many custom designs. Melissa also occassionally answers the phone to help with your questions.

Finally, the order is finished and goes to the shipping area. Kay checks the final details, folds and packages orders to be ready for our daily pick-ups by USPS, UPS, Fed-Ex or DHL. Gayle is pictured at the right. She handles our book keeping and helps out when we get super busy with any number of tasks. 

Gayle Shipping

US trouser inventory awaiting your order! Usually we have over 50 pair of trousers in our stock inventory, Foot Style and Mounted Style. US Sackcoats are on the bottom rack. 


Some more of our inventory. Military vests on the top row, US Cavalry and Artillery Shell Jackets on the bottom row and US Infantry frockcoats on the back section. These are ready to be shipped out to you when you order from our "In Stock Inventory"

Over the years, we have met many fine and wonderful people. We are grateful to have helped so many realize their dream of portraying history or having an ancestor's uniform duplicated. We are blessed to have worked along side some great people who have become more than friends. Life is Good!

Jeff and Gayle O'Donnell, Owners. 

Jeff and Gayle O"Donnell




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