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COVID-19 Update, June 4, 2020


How are we doing?

June 4, 2020

Michigan is now number 8 in confirmed cases. Our hospitals are empty and starting back at elective surgeries. Our Governor has finally cancelled our Shelter in Place order. Our employees are back at their machines sewing your orders! We are starting to get material and buttons in that have been on order that are neccesary to complete projects.

If you wish to visit the Quartermaster Shop, you will absolutely have to make an appointment, since our front doors are still locked for our employees peace of mind. Since my 1st granddaughter was born during the Pandemic, I will not be taking customers measurements in person, so I can cuddle her without feeling any concern that I have been exposed. I hope you understand...

May 18, 2020:

Business is GOOD!! Michigan, has dropped to number 7 in confirmed cases. Our workforce has been called back to work, as manufacturing facitlities are now allowed to re-open. Our front doors remain locked to the public for the safety of our employees. Deliveries are sanitized before and after opened. We are accepting custom orders, but please remember shipping times have slowed, which is beyond our control. We are out of a few buttons and wool, they are on order and awaiting those companies to ship. Customers are not allowed to visit our factory at this time for the safety of our workers.

March 25th, 2020

Michigan, was ranked 3 in confirmed cases. The Quartermaster Shop is located away from more populated areas and has remained safe and locked in. Our workforce has been trimmed to two for the safety of others and ourselves. Our front doors are locked, deliveries are sanitized before and after opened. Since we are a factory, not a retail store and have relied on our mail orders and this Website for our orders for over ten years, we are still here for you.

What are we doing?

We are accepting custom orders and so far are still on time for previous promised delivery dates. Please understand, if we have to order buttons, fabric, and other notions for your order, it could impact the delivery date. We will always keep you informed of any updates with your order.

Quickly after hearing the need for sewn masks, we have supplemented our work day between completing your custom orders and masks that are being worn over the N-95 masks. This extends the life of the N-95 masks that are in critical short supply.

As of to date, with the help of many volunteers, we have delivered 2000 + masks to local health care professionals throughout our county for ABSOLUTELY FREE. We also discovered a small shop in Port Huron that were cutting masks 1 at a time by hand to distribute for customers to sew and return. Our facilities are perfect for that task and they now drop off 80 to 100 yards of fabric at a time and in 3 hours they have about 400 to 500 masks cut out and ready to be sewn!!

















































































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