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5565 Griswold Road

Kimball, Michigan  48074-1906


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Known for Quality Historical Men's Military Uniforms and Civilian Clothing Reproductions- Since 1975

   Welcome to the QUARTERMASTER SHOP, where quality historical reproduction clothing for gentlemen is hand made under the watchful eye of artisans right here in our shop in Kimball, Michigan.  We would like you to know that all of our garments are proudly Made in the  USA!  Visit our Shop Tour too!  Our customers include Re-enactors and Skirmishers of the 1800-1900 time frame, National Park Services, Movie Production Companies, Theatrical groups, Military Bands and enthusiasts of the Old West.


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 As manufacturers, we are able to closely monitor and maintain the level of quality that our customers require in each garment and deliver by the date we promise. We use quality materials which closely match original specimens. Our clothing and uniforms are accurate replicas, not costumes.  They have been carefully manufactured after researching different original garments at various museums throughout the U.S.A.  We feel you are getting an item that is historically correct.   We want you to be proud to wear your QUARTERMASTER SHOP clothing for years to come!

We acknowledge that we are not the least expensive historical garment maker available today.  As you might suspect, the old adage "You get what you pay for" also applies to historical reproduction clothing. Our customers are willing to pay a little extra to get an authentically reproduced high quality garment.  This includes pressing the seams open, both sleeves hanging properly, collars even on both sides and correct period styling in addition to high quality fabrics!  We realize people work hard for each dollar and value is a primary concern. In this regard, we have attempted to keep our pricing as reasonable as possible while maintaining our dedication to quality and authenticity.

      We have a large inventory of 1860-1865 period Union and Confederate Enlisted military uniforms IN STOCK, ready for immediate shipment.  Some Union Officer and Civilian men's clothing is IN STOCK also.  





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