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Civilian FrockcoatSale!

Above sample coat shown in Bankers Grey Wool with Burgundy Vest and Black Trousers.

Assorted Civilian FROCK, MORNING or TAIL COATS (1800-1880)

The Full Front Frock coat is by far our most popular Men's Civilian Coat and we stock quite a few of them in various colors and sizes. Occasionally, we may have a Morning Coat or Tail Coat in stock also. Everything we have is listed in the choice box below.

All coats are made using quality lighter weight wools and other Civilian Fabrics rather than standard military uniform cloth. The full front frockcoat was usually the “dressed up” coat for the common man, and the “everyday” coat for a gentleman, plantation owner, town mayor or high society person. The darker fabric colors indicate a more formal or somber occasion. Lighter colors were for day and festive occasions.

It is best to suit the elegance of the clothing to the impression that you wish to portray. The enlargement picture shows examples of the various coat styles and some fabric colors offered.

Made in the USA!

Assorted Frockcoats, Tailcoats, or Morning Coats Prices Below reflect 10% off limited time!


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