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#4189 Mexican War Officer's Shoulder Boards 1841-1851; As used by General Staff, Artillery and Infantry Officers.

Pre-Civil War era for Undress and Fatigue Uniforms- smaller size than 1851 Civil War era shoudler boards: 1" x 3.75" approx. Background color for all branches is dark blue velvet.

Our Shoulder Boards come with hooks sewn on the back so that they can be "hooked" to "eyes" that are sewn on the shoulders of a coat. This method of attachment is preferable to sewing the boards directly to the shoulders. Why? Because by removing the boards after each use, they will not be damaged from over bending while hanging on a hanger or damaged by dry cleaning chemicals when cleaned or lost at the dry cleaners.  Dragoon Officers used the special "metal scale" type rank devises on their Undress and Fatigue unifroms. 

Shoulder Boards come with attaching eyes and installation instructions. (Imported)

Price: $39.00 pair for Mexican War era Officer's Shoulder Boards.

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