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1854 Shelljacket

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#5420 M-1854/1855 Jackets for Mounted Services

Complaints poured in from the field that the frockcoat issued in 1851 was unsuitable for mounted soldiers. So in 1854, the Dragoons, Mounted Artillery and Mounted Rifles were given (back) the waist length jacket for Dress and Undress with slight modifications from the 1846 model. In 1854 the shoulder tabs were removed and the waistline pockets were deleted. Also, the collar height was lowered slightly from the 1846 model. The Cavalry branch was authorized in 1855. All jackets feature our 19 ounce field service wool with natural cotton lining. The 3/8" mohair lace we use is the finest available today. Collars feature the double button lace trim which designate Regulars. The General Service button is used. Garment is machine sewn. Hand stitched buttonholes are available. MADE IN USA.

Musician’s jackets used a design of lace across the chest area called “herringbones” which closed at the ends (see enlargement).

This garment is custom made for each order- Please allow 6 weeks. Since custom orders are not returnable please visit our measurements page and submit your measurements when you order.

M-1854/1855 US Enlisted Shelljacket starts at: $239.00

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