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1832 Enlisted Epaulettes

1832-1850 Enlisted Cloth Epaulets

1851 Epaulets

1851-57 Enlisted Cloth Epaulets

1832-54 Enlisted Cloth Epaulets for Dress Coats

By Regulations, from 1832 thru 1854 Enlisted Foot Soldiers were to wear Cloth Epaulets on their dress coats. Depending upon the year portrayed, our reproduction Epaulets feature different diameters of fringe for the various enlisted ranks.

From 1832-50 Privates had short "half fringe". In 1851, Privates were given the same length fringe as Corporals. COLORS AVAILABLE- From 1832 to 1851, Infantry color was White. From 1851 to 1854 Infantry color was Light Blue. Artillery- Red. Engineer- Yellow, Ordnance- Crimson (dark red), Rifles- Green. See choice box below for years of use.

Some epaulets are IN STOCK (listed as "In Stock" below). If out of stock, minimum order is 2 pair, please allow a minimum of 12 weeks for us to receive them from our Overseas supplier After You Order. Thank You.


Enlisted Cloth Epaulets are $129.00 per pair.

(If out of stock, minimum order must be 2 pair)

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