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1847-1850 Enlisted Chevrons


The chevrons shown are made to order and usually take a 1-2 weeks for you to receive. The price is for a pair- ready for you to sew onto your coat sleeves. 

1847-50 Enlisted Rank CHEVRONS

Our US Rank chevrons for enlisted men's Fatigue Jacket sleeves follow Regulations for size and color. The Army chevrons have sky blue or dark blue wool backer with mohair wool lace stripes for the various branches of service. The numbers listed are our stock numbers, not the year adopted.

Only the Dragoon branch was authroized to wear the rank chevrons plus the Service Chevrons on their Dress Coat Sleeves.

Made in USA!

From 1847 until 1851, Years of Service were indicated on Dress Coats Only by Chevrons and were to be "point down"- please continue to scroll for these.

1847 to 1850 Fatigue Jacket Worsted Wool Chevrons start at: $25.00 pair

Qty: pair


Branch of Service Color:

Length of Service Chevrons were to be worn on the sleeves of the Dress Coats Only.
1847-1851 5 Yr Service Chevrons start at: $20.00 pair (click on above picture enlargement for detail)

Qty: pair

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Branch of Service Color:






















































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