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Civilain Full Front Frock

Single Breasted 2 Button Front Frockcoat shown in Bankers Grey with exterior pockets, Crimson Vest and Black Trousers.  

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Civilian Full Front Frock

Single Breasted 3 Button Front Frockcoat shown in Burgundy wool with Black Velvet collar.

#1401-FULL FRONT FROCKCOAT (1850-1880)

This coat is by far our most popular Men's Civilian Coat. We make them using quality light weight wools and other Civilian Fabrics. The full front frockcoat was usually the “dressed up” coat for the common man, and the “everyday” coat for a gentleman, plantation owner, town mayor, lawyer or high society person. It is best to suit the elegance of the clothing to the impression that you wish to portray. The basic coat has a matching fabric collar and plain cuffs. A fancier version with velvet in a harmonizing color on the collar alone, or added to both the collar and cuffs is available.

All frockcoats are fully lined with cotton and have an inside left breast pocket. Two exterior pockets can be added at the waistline for a dashing effect. The skirt is hemmed.  Velvet trim available on wool coats only. If velvet collar and cuffs are ordered; the front pocket flaps, if ordered, are automatically done in velvet. Cloth covered buttons are supplied, and sewn on. Some Fabric Colors shown on the enlargement are No Longer Available.

Made in the USA! 

Most coats shown here are custom made. Please allow 5-6 weeks for delivery. Because custom orders are not returnable, please go to the measurements page and submit your measurements when you order.

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Abe Lincoln

Mr. Fred Priebe as President Lincoln.  Shown in the double breasted Lincoln Frockcoat, vest and trouser outfit. 


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Double Breasted 2 Buttons Front Frockcoat

Double Breasted- 3 button front Frockcoat





Civilian Full Front Frock starts at: $329.00 (in Standard Fabrics)

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