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Known for Quality Historical Men's Military Uniforms and Civilian Clothing Reproductions- Since 1975

Civilian Clothing Menu -All our Civilian Clothing is made here in our shop and addresses the 1830 thru 1885 time frame. This is perfect for the Dickens Period, Victorian Age, Civil War and the Old West/Cowboy eras. People participating as Single Action Six Shooters have found our clothing to be an excellent choice for their impressions.  Recently we have added the Fraternal Orders Custom Uniforms to our offerings. We work closely with many different individuals and organizations for their custom clothing needs.

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Because of the large amount of color combinations and options available, most Civilian Coats are custom made for each order and take about 6 weeks to deliver. Some Civilian Frock Coats, Vests and Trousers are stocked in standard sizes, click here to see what is currently in stock!  

1830-40 Civilian Trousers

1830-1840 Trousers


1850-1880 Sack Coat

Civilian Vests

1840-1880 Vests

Masonic Uniforms

Fraternal Uniforms- Knights and Masonic Orders


1830-1870 Suspenders






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