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1800-30 M Collar Tailcoat

#1766L Double Breasted Tail Coat with fashionable "M" collar. Showing optional shirt and neck stock.


1800-1830 Civilian Double Breasted Tailcoat- Rolling M Collar.

During the 1800s to 1830s, tail coats were by far most common. By 1800, the wider roll collar was being used and a distinctive cut to the collar featured a stylized "M" design- see the enlargement. Our coat features the collar and cuffs in fabric that matches the coat body as standard. A harmonizing velvet color can be used on the collar and cuffs, if desired. Low roll front lapel with 2 closing buttons allow the shirt and cravat to show.

Sleeves are the "half and half" style with eased caps and narrow shoulders following the fashionable style of the period. Cuffs are 4" high and close with 2 small buttons. Fully lined with cotton with one inside breast pocket and two interior skirt pockets. Exterior pockets are available on the waistline under the sleeve- see picture enlargement. If this option is chosen, the back inside lining pockets are dropped.

Made in the USA!

All tail coats are custom made for each individual order. Because custom orders are not returnable, please visit our measurements page, and submit with your order.

#1767 1800-1830 Double Breasted Tail Coat starts at: $479.00 (in Standard Wool)

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