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#609 Regulation General's Cloakcoat with frog buttons and black braid.


#609 US OFFICER’S CLOAK COAT for Army and Marine Officers-

Starting in 1852, this dark blue overcoat was regulation for both Army and Marine officers (see Marine details below) until the Army's design change in 1872. It is double breasted and made using our 20 oz dark blue wool. The Army version is fully lined with heavy black cotton. The detachable cape is also lined with black cotton.

Our cloak coat and it's cape are edged all around with black 1/2" mohair lace. There are two exterior slash pockets just below the waistline on the coat. The Regulation Coat for all ranks of officers closes by means of four “frog” buttons with loops as seen on the coat at the upper left. The Regulation Cape is closed by means of a "loop eschelle" which is partially seen on the cape.

All Cloak Coats were custom made for each officer by military tailors. Due to the expense of the Frog version, several Army officers ordered less costly versions with brass buttons in place of frogs. We offer the button closure style as an alternate at a reduced price. If the button version is ordered; there are 10 large buttons on the coat itself and 7 on the cape for the ranks of Lieutenant thru Colonel. Brigadier General's have the coat buttons placed in 4 groups of 2 with the cape having 8 small buttons placed the same. Major General's have the large coat buttons arranged in 3 groups of 3 with the cape having 9 small buttons placed the same. If the button version is chosen, the black loops at the ends of the pockets are deleted. Click on the photos at left for an enlarged view of these coats.

Sleeve Braid- A 2nd Lieutenant's sleeves are without braid. Optional for First Lieutenants and above, progressive rows of black silk sleeve braid to indicate the officer's rank are available at extra cost. If chosen, the correct design is intricately woven in the Regulation pattern on the sleeve. (Click here to see the braid design.)

The US Marine Officer's Regulation Cloakcoat is identical to the Army pattern except that the coat has a scarlet wool body lining in place of the black cotton lining. Per the Regulations, the Marine cape is still lined with black cotton. Marine Officer Cloak Coat only offered in the Regulation version with Scarlet wool body lining, Black Cotton Cape lining, Frog buttons and black silk braid on the sleeves.

Made in the USA!

All Officer's Cloak Coats are custom made. Because custom orders are not returnable, please visit the measurements page and submit your measurements when you order.  

#609 US Officer Cloakcoat with frogs starts at: $599.00 (for 2nd Lieut) (#610 with Brass buttons starts at $489.00)


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#610 Captain's Cloakcoat with optional Brass buttons.  Cape on Captain's Coat has 7 small brass buttons (not shown).


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US Marine Officer Regulation Cloakcoat with Scarlet wool body lining.













































































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