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 # 833 Captain's Kepi with Infantry Officer's badge, deluxe edge bound brim and optional braid added just above the band.


US Army OFFICER KEPI CAPS- 1858 to 1879

Made using our quality 19oz dark blue field service wool with black braid and cotton lining. Progressive rows of braid on the top, side, front and back of the cap indicate rank above 2d Lieutenant.  Second Lieutenant's cap is without braid. Optional extra cost items include adding same number of rows of braid horizontally around the cap just above the band- see lower photo for example.  (Note... If the optional band braid is chosen, rows will match same amount as on top and sides.) By US Army Regulations, Generals and Colonels both wore 5 rows of braid on their caps- corresponding to that on the Cloak Coat sleeves. Generals would wear a badge on the front denoting their rank. Colonels would wear a badge on the front denoting their branch of service.

Typical of many officer caps, a thin leather binding can be added to the front edge of the leather brim for a more finished look- see lower picture enlargement.  A small gold embroidered badge denoting the branch of service is available at extra cost. We can hand sew the badge on the front of the cap if you wish for a small fee.  

Made in the USA!

All US Officer's Caps are custom order- Please allow 4-6 week delivery. To avoid fitting problems, please double check your head circumference measurement before ordering.

Price starts at: $85.00 (for 2nd Lieutenant's Cap)

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Interested in your brim being hand-sewn on the Kepi? Click here to see the option!


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