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US Medical Officer Epaullettes

Shown are the Epaulets worn by an Assistant Surgeon (Captain Rank- 1/4" fringe diameter). Two silver bars (per strap) need to be ordered to complete the rank structure. 


1846-1871 US Medical Officer's Gold Epaulets

Our reproduction Medical Officer Epaulets are identical to the Line Officer Epaulets except they have the gold Wreath and silver M.S. letters in Old English embroidered in the crescent. Different diameters of fringe (also called "bullion") and rank insignia designated the various ranks of surgeons.

If not in stock, please allow 8 weeks for delivery.

A Deluxe Storage Box is available to keep your Epaulets in good condition when not in use. Deluxe Box is made of heavy paste board and covered with black leather and lined with white cotton. Due to limited quantities, we can only offer these to customers of our Epaulets. (Imported)

US Medical Officer's Gold Epaulets are $209.00 per pair.

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Attach hardware to your coat shoulders?

Epaulet Storage Box?

Epaulet Storage Box

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