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US General's Frockcoat

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Brigadier General's Full Dress Frockcoat with optional Gold Epaulets and Buff Sash.


Quilted Lining.JPG (31538 bytes)The Padded & Quilted chest lining option is shown above. The red line has been added to show inside pocket location.


is double breasted and made using our standard 20 ounce field service wool. A deluxe grade of 16oz wool is available at extra cost. The coat comes standard with the dark blue velvet collar and cuffs per US Army Regulations. Full body lining of Black cotton, sleeve linings are natural. The General Service Eagle buttons are supplied as standard. General Staff buttons are available at optional cost. With minor modifications, this coat was worn by Generals from 1851 to 1889 as the dress coat.

Made in USA!

Each rank of General has a specific number and placement of the buttons- as seen in the photos at left. Brigadier General has 26 total buttons (front buttons in 4 sets of 2), Major General has 28 total buttons (front buttons in 3 sets of 3). Cuffs are functional with 3 buttons. Officer shoulder Boards or Epaulets are priced separately. Epaulet insignia is left loose for you to install. Boards and Epaulets are imported.

All Officers Uniforms are custom made. It is extremely important you provide us with the proper measurements. Custom made garments are not returnable.

US General's Frockcoat starts at: $399.00 (in Standard 20 ounce Wool)

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