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Known for Quality Historical Men's Military Uniforms and Civilian Clothing Reproductions- Since 1975

US Marine Enlisted Uniforms- A Proud tradition since 1776!

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1833 USMC Trousers

M-1833 Marine Wool Trousers

1833 Summer Cotton Trousers

M-1833 Marine Summer White Cotton Trousers

USMC Enlisted Kepi

M-1859 Enlisted Marine Kepi

1895 USMC Musisians Frockcoat

M-1859 Musicians Full Dress Frockcoat

USMC Wool Vest

1859-1874 Marine Wool Vest

USMC Chevrons

US Marine Chevrons

1875 USMC Enlisted Full Dress Coat

1875 Marine Enlisted Full Dress Coat

1875 USMC Enlisted Fatigue Blouse

1875 Marine Enlisted Fatigue Blouse

1875 USMC Overcoat

1875 Enlisted Marine Overcoat

1875 Enlisted Marine Wool Trousers

1875 Enl Marine Wool Trousers

1884 USMC Enlisted Brown Duck Coat

1884-1894 Marine Enlisted Duck Fatigue Blouse

1884 USMC Enlisted Brown Trousers

1884-1894 Marine Duck Fatigue Trousers

1892 USMC Blouse

1892 Marine Enlisted Undress Blouse or 1912 USMC Dresscoat


1885 USMC Wool trousers

1885 Marine Wool Enlisted Trousers or 1912 USM Trousers





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