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USMC Enlisted Frockcoat

1859 Regulation USMC Enlisted Full Dress Uniform Coat. Shoulder Scales available from other suppliers

#501MDR- USMC Civil War Era Enlisted Full Dress Coat

At left is the M1859 USMC Full Dress Coat. This frockcoat is made using our 16 ounce Deluxe dark blue wool and features a full body lining in black polished cotton and natural cotton sleeve linings.  Shoulder Scales as seen in the photo at left are not included but are available from other suppliers.

Per USMC Uniform Regulations, the narrow scarlet (red) welt surrounds the collar and accents the cuff detail and back skirt flaps. Sleeves are tube style meaning they do not unbutton. Two sleeve loops of yellow worsted lace are used for ranks Private thru First Sergeant. Sgt Major and QM Sgts use 3 loops. If you are ordering chevrons, please select the correct sleeve loop style for the chevron rank.

Re-strikes of the 1855 US Marine buttons are supplied with this uniform.

Made in the USA!

All USMC Frockcoats are custom made for each order. Please allow 8 weeks for delivery. Because custom orders are not returnable, please visit our measurement page, and submit your measurements when you order.

USMC Enlisted Full Dress Frockcoat starts at: $519.00

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