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Historical Information- For fatigue duty, US soldiers were issued a blouse, commonly called a “sackcoat”.  Examples of original blouses show most coats made at US Arsenals were lined, (Army Regulations called these “Recruit Coats”) while many commercial contract blouses were unlined.      


US Arsenal Sackcoat

Government Arsenal US FATIGUE BLOUSE

Blouses constructed at Government Arsenals were typically made from a light weight (10 to 12 oz) wool flannel with a twill weave and cotton lined for strength; while contract blouses were made by uniform contractors to the specifications given them by the Army at the time of order.


US Sackcoat

Commercial Grade US FATIGUE BLOUSE

Also, Army sutlers sold commercial grade blouses to soldiers who preferred not to take the Army issue clothing because it was usually deemed of lower quality.





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