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In 1863, John Bell Hood was appointed to command a division in Lee's Army. He was promoted to Major General. Shown below (middle picture) is Major General Hood in his uniform probably in early 1864. Our reproduction uniform is just below.

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JB '64 Frockcoat

Hood's 1864 Double Breasted Frock in Dark Cadet Grey Wool

Hood's 1864 Uniform is a dark shade of Blue Grey wool, sometimes called "English cloth" since the imported wool seemed to be a darker shade than many of the earlier domestic (cadet) blue greys. We import this beautiful wool from Germany and our reproduction faithfully duplicates the buff piping on the top of the collar, cuff point, front edges and tail flaps. The collar features our Extra Rich Confederate Generals Wreath and Stars badge. Black Cotton Lining with Natural Sleeve linings. Buttons are sewn on in the 3 x 3 arrangement on the front. The Confederate Staff Buttons are standard with the US General Staff Buttons available at extra cost. Four rows of gold soutache sleeve braid. Three small buttons on the closed cuff for decoration.  Raw bottom edge per original coat. Made in USA! Wool imported from Germany.

Three of Hood's original coats are in the Musuem of the Confederacy in Richmond, VA. All are identical except for the style of buttons.

All Famous Confederates Uniforms are custom made. Correct measurements are extremely important. Because we cannot accept returns on custom clothing, please visit the measurements page and submit your measurements when you order.    

#1001-420JBH64 General Hood Frockcoat starts at: $769.00

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JB Hood Vest
#708JBH64-Hood  Vest with Standing Collar

A possible vest to go with the above coat is made in the same dark Blue Grey wool (imported from Germany) as above with 9 small buttons sewn on.  CS General Staff buttons are standard. Small standing collar with black polished cotton back and belts with buckle for adjustment. This vest is based on a typical Confederate Officer vest since Hood's vest is not visible in the image above.

Made in USA! Wool imported from Germany.

#708JBH- JB Hood Vest starts at: $188.00

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JB Hood's '64 Trousers

 Foot style Trousers for the Hood UniformHoodd

 Trousers to go with the above uniform are Confederate General Foot style Trousers in the same dark Blue Grey wool (imported from Germany) with two stripes of 5/8" gold lace with a 1/4" window showing.  Side seam pockets.  No back pockets.  Button fly.  Eleven Bone buttons are sewn on to accept our #1907 Suspenders.   Raw inseam length is 35".   Since trousers are not discernible in the above photo of Hood, the Regulation Dark Blue color could be used also (with a cost reduction!) and possibly be correct. That option is offered in the choice box below.

Made in USA!  Wool imported from Germany.

#702-420JBH64 Foot Trousers in Dark Blue Grey Wool start at: $298.00

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