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Known for Quality Historical Men's Military Uniforms and Civilian Clothing Reproductions- Since 1975

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Lee '62 Uniform


"Booted and Spurred Uniform" 

Lee Maryland Frock


"The Maryland Uniform"

Lee '64 Uniform


"Back Porch Uniform"

Lee Surrender Uniform


"The Surrender Uniform"

Historical Information: 

  Shown above are four unique uniforms attributed to General Lee.  They are arranged left to right in the chronological order he probably acquired them.   By clicking on the individual coats above you will be taken to the detailed order page for that particular uniform.  Two of these uniform coats are still in existence today.  The Surrender uniform is on display at the Museum of the Confederacy. Lee's "Maryland Uniform" is at The Maryland Historical Museum. 

   The blue grey color (called Cadet Grey) can appear different shades depending upon the light conditions available at the time the photograph was taken.  Plus different dye lots can vary slightly.  All but Lee’s Maryland uniform are Cadet Grey Wool.  The Maryland Uniform is Medium Grey wool and is technically a Colonel's coat with 3 six pointed stars on each side of the collar without the wreath.  The button pattern used is seven buttons spaced evenly- typically seen on Officer's uniforms below the rank of General.

   All of our reproduction General Lee coats are copied from Lee's original coats or period photographs of General Lee wearing the coat.  All are made in fabrics that match his uniforms.  Buttons supplied are sewn on and closest match to what was most likely on the original coat; either Confederate Eagle, Virginia State Seal or Maryland State seal.  All coats have black polished cotton lining with natural sleeve linings, unless noted.  All coats are unhemmed.  





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