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#1008-LeeMD Frockcoat

This uniform is copied from Lee’s original coat now located at the Maryland Historical Museum. It was presented to General Lee by Southern sympathizers from Baltimore, Maryland in 1863. The coat is a medium shade of true grey. Collar and cuffs were plain without trim color. Sleeves have a split cuff but are tube style (non-functional). Sleeve Braid was not used. The collar has three SIX pointed stars without the wreath surrounding the stars. This would typically be considered the frockcoat of a full Colonel. Maryland State seal buttons are sewn on for the front in the standard Colonel's arrangement of 7 individual buttons on each side. Our reproduction is made in the Medium Grey wool and has a Brown Polished Cotton lining with natural cotton sleeve lining. Back Pockets with flaps in the folds of the skirt. Skirt is left raw- typical in those days. Because this is an exact reproduction of one specific uniform, we can’t offer any changes from the original. 

All Lee Uniforms are custom made. Correct measurements are extremely important. Because we cannot accept returns on custom clothing, please visit the measurements page and submit your measurements when you order.  

Made in USA! 

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Lee Maryland Frockcoat

#1008-LeeMD Medium Grey Frockcoat "The Maryland Uniform"

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#1008-LeeMD General Lee Maryland Frockcoat starts at: $ 449.00

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Lee Vest

The vest is Medium grey wool with brown polished back. Notched collar style with two front pockets and 8 small Maryland State seal buttons sewn on.
#1608-LeeMD General Vest starts at: $ 139.00

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Lee Trousers
Trousers are Medium Grey wool with side seam pockets and a waistline watch pocket. Real bone buttons are sewn on for the double button front pattern- suitable for our #1907 suspenders. Trousers are supplied unhemmed at 35” inseam for you to hem them the length you want. Or, we can hem them at your desired inseam for additional charge. Please double check your inseam. Trousers hemmed too short cannot be made longer!
#702-LeeMD General Trousers starts at: $ 149.00

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