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Known for Quality Historical Men's Military Uniforms and Civilian Clothing Reproductions- Since 1975

Famous Confederate Officer's Menu- We are pleased to offer our reproductions of one or more of the uniforms worn by the famous Confederates shown on this page. We can also make other custom uniforms based on the customers research. 

Please note that all Famous Confederate Officer Uniforms are custom made for each order. It usually takes about 4 to 5 weeks to cut, sew and deliver a custom made uniform. A RUSH ORDER may be requested to guarantee delivery in less than 4 weeks at additional cost. Prices subject to change without notice. Black and White or Sepiatone images on this page are pictures of the original person.

Click on the Pictures below to order or view prices!

General Lee

Genl Robt E Lee  


Genl Stonewall Jackson 

Jeb Stuart

Genl JEB Stuart 


Genl James Longstreet 


Genl Joe Johnston

John B Hood

Genl John B Hood 

General Nathan B Forest

Genl Nathan B Forrest 


Genl Geo Pickett 





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