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CS Artillery Captain Kepi

1862 version of Captain of Artillery Kepi with optional band braid. 


A captain's cap has two rows of gold braid on the top, sides, front and back of the cap. A single row of braid encircles the quatrefoil design on the top. Two rows of braid placed horizontally around the band of the cap are offered as an extra cost option. Gold Soutache braid is standard. The Extra Rich Deluxe Gold FLAT braid is available at extra cost. 

The 1861 version is a grey cap with a colored band around the bottom of the cap. The 1862 version has the top and sides of the cap are in the branch of service colors and the lower band is dark blue. A thin leather binding can be added to the edge of the brim for a more “finished” look- see Brim options box below.

Made in the USA!

All officer caps are custom made, please allow 4-6 week delivery.

Conf Captain's Kepi Cap price starts at: $134.00

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