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There were several trim design styles used by different tailors on Confederate Officer's Uniforms, and we would like to show and explain the difference between them. All styles shown are available on Officer's Frockcoats or Shelljackets. 

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CS Collar Styles

Trim Definitions: 

Solid Faced (or just "Faced")-A piece of trim wool is positioned over the base color fabric of the uniform in certain designated areas. Usually the collar, cuffs and rear pocket flaps.

Piped (or "Piping")-A small round cord, usually about 1/8" in diameter, and for our purposes, placed on the edge of the coat fabric. A sewing flange on the side of the piping is sewn into the seam and is hidden as two pieces of fabric are sewn together.  

CS Officer Trim StylesCS Trim Styles
Trim Styles Available:

1) Solid Faced Collar and Cuffs with Front Edge Piping.  At left is shown the typical way our Confederate Officer Frockcoats and Shelljackets are trimmed unless one of the optional trim designs shown below are chosen.  This is our "Standard Style" and is included in the base price of our CS Officer Frockcoats and Shelljackets. Additional cost sleeve braid is shown.

CS Officer Trim Styles
2) Photo at left shows Trim Color Collar and Cuffs Only  The collar, cuffs and rear pocket flaps have the solid color facings, but the edge piping has been deleted. 
CS Officer Trim Styles CS Officer Trim Styles
3) All Pipe Option The top edge of the collar, the front edges of the coat, the rear pocket flaps and a cuff "outline" (inverted "V" pattern) have the 1/8" piping. The places where solid facing trim wool would be used in the standard version are now the uniform fabric color but are edge "piped".  Shown with additional cost gold sleeve braid.
CS Officer Trim Styles CS Officer Trim Styles 3) Delete Trim Colors Option In this trim style, all of the trim colors are dropped. The coat uses only the base color fabric. This is a good choice if several different Branches of Service will be portrayed. The collar insignia may be changed quite easily when going from one branch of service to another if needed.  The flaps covering the rear pockets are fabric colored also. Additional cost sleeve braid is shown.
CS Officer Trim Styles CS Officer Trim Styles
4) Colored Lapel Facings Option The vast majority of Confederate Officer uniforms had the inside lapel facings the same wool color as the coat exterior. However, a few individual tailors did add the trim color to the inside lapels also.  This option adds $35.00 to the base price and is only available when the standard Solid Faced Collar and Cuffs with Edge Piping, double breasted style or the optional Solid Faced Collar and Cuffs Only trim design is chosen. Additional cost gold sleeve braid is shiown.






















































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