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CS General's Shelljacket

Cadet Grey wool with standard collar badge and buff trim colors. Note the "all piping" option on the collar and cuffs & optional sleeve braid.


is double breasted and made from our quality wool or wooljean fabrics, see the wool sample page for available fabrics. The basic coat includes solid faced collar and cuffs and edge piping in the branch of service trim color for General's- Buff. Buff is a color that runs from an off-white to a tan color. 

Other trim style variations are available, click Trim Styles. Optional collar designs are shown at lower left. Four rows of our 1/8" Gold Soutache or Deluxe Flat sleeve braid is available at additional cost. The coat is lined with black cotton and the sleeve linings are natural cotton. An inside left breast pocket is standard. 

Sleeves are tube style (non-functional) with 3 small buttons on the cuff for decoration. Confederate Eagle buttons are supplied, but not sewn on. Optional buttons available. Per Conf Army Uniform Regulations, the only rank of General adopted in 1860 was Brigadier General. The front button arrangement was 16 buttons placed in four sets of two. A year later, when the ranks of Major General, Lieut Gen'l and full Gen'l were added, no changes were made to the Regulation button pattern to reflect the new ranks. Consequently, some Generals above the rank of Brigadier ordered uniforms with a 3 by 3 pattern as used by the "Old Army"- (the US Army) to reflect the higher rank. 

Made in the USA!

All Officers Uniforms are custom made. Correct measurements are extremely important. Because we cannot accept returns on custom clothing, please visit the measurements page and submit your measurements when you order.  

# 1021 CS General Shelljackets start at: $369.00- in Standard Wool without sleeve braid.

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CS General's Badges

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