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CS Richmond Grey RD 2 Shelljacket

Model 2 jacket shown in Richmond Grey Wool.

#1322-RICHMOND DEPOT II Jacket (Mid War- Army of Northern Virginia) (Issue period from Fall ’62 through Mid ’64).

Typical common features of the Richmond Depot style jackets are a 6-piece body, 2-piece sleeve and usually a 9 button front. Buttonholes, whether machine-sewn or hand-sewn, are done in a color appropriate to the fabric color. Bottom of jacket has a sharp corner (square cut), is lined with natural cotton and has an inside left breast pocket. In a typical cost cutting move, the Army Quartermaster dropped the trim colors on this second version of the jacket issued by the Richmond Depot.

The jacket comes standard with the shoulder straps and belt loops sewn at the top and bottom. Confederate Letter “A”, “C”, or “I” buttons are supplied but not sewn on. 

Made in the USA!

Some sizes and colors are custom order. Please allow 5-6 weeks for delivery. Because custom orders are not returnable, please visit our measurement page, and submit your measurements.

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#1322-CS Richmond Depot II Shelljacket starts at: $199.00 in standard Wool fabrics.

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RD 2 in Grey Wooljean

Model 2 Richmond Depot jacket in optional Grey Wooljean.

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Richmond Depot 2 in Medium Grey Wool

Model 2 jacket shown in Medium Grey Wool.






















































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