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All fabrics are wool except as noted.  Colors appearing on your screen may vary from actual color shade.  If you are searching for the perfect color for your uniform, we suggest requesting a sample of the fabric you have in mind before placing your order.  This will prevent any disappointment with the color of the finished garment. . I am sorry-these fabrics are not for sale by the yard.

Confederate Fabrics and Colors below (some are used by Early War US Militia also)

Medium Grey

Medium Grey 20oz

Richmond Grey

Richmond Grey 20oz

Brown Grey Wool

Brown Grey 18oz

Tan Butternut

Tan Wool 19oz

BUff Wool

Buff Wool (Trim)

Sky Bue Trim Wool

Sky Blue Wool (Trim)

French Blue Trim Wool

French Blue Wool (Trim)

Yellow Trim Wool

Yellow Wool (Trim)

Dark Blue

Dark Blue 19 oz for CS Staff Officer Trousers

Sky Blue Wool

Sky Blue 19oz Kersey

Black Wool

Black 19oz

Red Trim Wool

Red Wool (Trim)

Grey JeanWool by B & B Tart

Brown Wool Jean

Brown JeanWool - A 14 ounce Wool and Cotton with Jean Weave.

Natural Jean Wool

Naural JeanWool- A 14 oz Wool and Cotton Weave by B & B Tart

Deluxe Medium Grey

Deluxe Medium Grey- A nicely finished 14 ounce wool.

Deluxe Dark Blue

Deluxe Dark Blue- A very nice 14 ounce wool with hard finish, being dyed "in the wool" (solid color)

Blue/Grey English Army Cloth

Cadet Grey Wool

Cadet Grey- A nicely finished 16 ounce wool, showing blue and grey fiber mix.

Dark Cadet Grey



Dark Brown

Dark Brown 19oz





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