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Battle Shirts

Two styles of Battle Shirts

#1780 - Confederate Battle Shirts (Early War)

Really popular for Southern soldiers in the early days of the War were wool “Battle Shirts”. These were wool or cotton over-shirts that were made by the ladies at home for the boys going off to war. They achieved a military look by adding wool lace in various places on the shirt. Shown with Militia Black Lace trim.

Made using our 10 ounce medium grey wool flannel or cotton calicos. Genuine Mother of Pearl buttons are sewn on. Brass buttons optional. Shown here are two versions representing the many different over-shirts made. We can delete the pockets or change the lace color or location of the trim somewhat to meet your specifications, as these are all custom made for each order.

The Confederate Battle Shirt makes an excellent early war militia impression.

Made in the USA!

Please allow 5-6 weeks for delivery. Because custom orders are not returnable, please visit our measurement page, and submit your measurements when you order.

Battle Shirts start at: $129.00 in Cotton Calicos, wool extra.

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