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#1901 US Enlisted NCO WAIST SASH

The US Army Regulations called for all Non-commissioned officers above the rank of sergeant to wear a Scarlet (red) waist sash with the dress coat (frockcoat or shell jacket) for dress occasions. The sash was not worn with the fatigue blouse. Imported.

This includes First Sergeants, Hospital Stewards, Ordnance Sgt's, Company Quartermaster Sgt's, Quartermaster Sgt's and Sergeant Majors. It was not uncommon for a color sergeant (carrying the flag) to wear the NCO sash during parade. 

The Sash was wrapped twice around the waist and tied at the left hip. The pendant was not to extend lower than 18” from the waistline. Wearing of the Waist Sash by NCO's was discontinued by the uniform change in 1872. 

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