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Lieut Navy Epaulets


1852 US Naval Officer Gold Epaulets.

By 1852 Regulations, Naval Officers were to wear special gold Epaulets with bullion fringe and simulated rope crescent when the Full Dress Tailcoat was worn. During the War due to the cost of the Full Dress Uniform, the Undress Frockcoat was typically worn for all occasions- the Full Dress Uniform seeing limited use. Insignia shown for each rank is embroidered directly on the strap and included in the price. Attaching Hardware and instructions included. (Imported). IF NOT IN STOCK- Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery.

A Deluxe Storage Box is available to keep your Epaulets in good condition when not in use. Deluxe Box is made of heavy paste board and covered with black leather and lined with white cotton. Due to limited quantities, we can only offer the storage boxes to customers of our Epaulets. (Imported)

Naval Epaulets start at $189.00 per pair for Master rank.

Epaulet Storage Box?

Deluxe Storage Box for Epaulets

Deluxe Epaulet Storage Box


Commander Naval Epaulets


Captain Naval Epaulets













































































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