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US Chevrons

The chevrons shown are in stock and sold by the pair- ready for you to sew onto your coat sleeves. If you order a Union coat from stock, to save delivery time, we will "pin on" the chevrons if you request at no charge! If you would like us to hand sew the chevrons on the sleeves of a coat you are ordering that is from stock, there is a charge of $20.00 for this service. 

US Enlisted Rank CHEVRONS, 1855 thru 1871

Our US Rank chevrons for enlisted men's sleeves follow the US Army, or US Sharp Shooter Regulations for size and color. The Army chevrons have a dark blue wool backer and are available with either cotton lace or mohair wool lace stripes. The wool lace is of a better quality and was more common during the war. The numbers listed are our stock numbers, not the year adopted.

Service Stripes are available below for Dresscoats only, please continue to scroll

Made in USA! 

  • Army Chevrons for Sky Blue Greatcoats and Veterans Reserve Corps Jackets are available also. Reverse colors are used- Dark Blue stripes are placed on a Sky Blue wool background. 
  • US Sharp Shooter chevrons in Green are available in cotton lace only at this time. 
1855 thru 1871 Worsted Wool Chevrons start at: $25.00 pair

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Service Stripes


US Enlisted Service Stripes, 1855 thru 1871

The Army authorized length of service stripes (commonly called "hash marks" today) to be worn on the sleeves of the Dress Coats (Frockcoats or Shelljacket). Each stripe indicated 5 years of "faithful service". Five year, 10 year, 15 year, and 20 year service badges are available. The stripes are sewn onto one badge and designate Service in Peace.

For all branches except Artillery, Army Service in War was indicated by placing a red stripe under the branch colored stripe. The Artillery Service in War indicator was red over light blue. The Service in War stripe is only available in 5 year designation.

Sold "By the Pair". 

Made in USA! 

1855 thru 1871 Worsted Wool Service Stripes start at: $15.00 pair

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