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Known for Quality Historical Men's Military Uniforms and Civilian Clothing Reproductions- Since 1975

From 1832 until 1872 for Officers and 1832 until 1854 for Enlisted Foot Soldiers , various Epaulets where worn on dress uniforms. Below are links to the different Epaulet styles we offer. Please note some are custom order (Not in Stock) and take about 10 weeks to get from the maker. Imported.

Click on the Pictures below to read the details, order or view prices of the epaulet shown!


US Officer Epaulettes

1832-71 US Army Officer Gold Epaulets

1832 Infy Officer Epaulets

1832-51 US Infantry Officer Silver Epaulets

1832 Enlisted Engineer Epaulets

1846-51 Enlisted Engineer Epaulets

US Medical Officer Epaulets

1846-71 US Medical Officer Epaulets

US Naval Officer Epaulets

1852 US Naval Officer Epaulets




US Marine Epaulets

1859-1874 US Marine Epaulets





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