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1832 Enlisted Engineer Epaulets

Epaulets for Corporal of Engineers shown.

1846-1851 Enlisted Engineer Epaulets

With the adoption of a special Engineer's Dress Coat in 1846, the Army Board adopted a special style cloth Epaulet for the enlisted engineers- Corporal is shown at left. Private or Sergeant can also be ordered.

The enlisted Engineer Epaulets feature yellow wool with a gold metal crescent on the shoulder. Three diameters of yellow fringe were used to designate the rank. 1/8" for Privates and Corporals; 1/4" for Sergeant. At this time, the highest enlisted rank in the Engineer branch was Sergeant. Attaching Hardware, Buttons and Instructions are included.

These Epaulets are Custom Order- Please allow 10 week delivery.


1846 Engineer Cpl Epaulets $139.00


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