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'72 Chevrons

Model 1872 RANK CHEVRONS (Wool)

In 1872 new Rank Chevrons were adopted that were significantly different from the Civil War Period chevrons. The new chevron was a piece of branch of service colored wool facing cloth with silk chain stitch outlining the pattern. Depending on branch, this chain stitching was black or white. This style of chevron was used on Dress Coats, Fatigue Blouses and Greatcoats from 1872 until 1885. In 1885, the Army Uniform Board adopted a special chevron with gold lace to be used exclusively on Dress Coats- Click 1885 Gold Lace Chevrons. The older style chain stitch chevrons continued to be used on Fatigue Blouses and Greatcoats. Some branches (Engineers, Signal Service) DID NOT have staff sergeants and are Not Offered. Sold "By the Pair" only. Made in the USA!

In 1888 Hospital Corps received a completely new chevron and Privates received a single white armband with red Geneva Cross to be worn on the LEFT Arm only. In 1898, the Army adopted Cotton chevrons for use on the new khaki cotton blouses- click here to order correct cotton chevrons. Wool chevrons continued to be used on wool Blouses and Greatcoats.





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