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In 1885 the US Army adopted special Gold Lace Chevrons to be used exclusively on the Dress Coats. Chevrons have a Branch of Service wool background with 1/2” Gold Lace stripes- correct amount corresponding to the soldier's rank. These are similar to the old Civil War style, but gold lace is used rather than branch colored mohair lace. Gold Lace chevrons for branches having white or red chain stitch are extra cost. Signal Service includes the special crossed flags device.

Gold Lace Five Year Service Stripes (scroll down page please) were worn on the Dress Coat sleeves. Service in Peace was indicated by the lace being placed on a dark blue wool patch for all Line and Staff Branches. Service in War was indicated by placing the lace on a branch color wool patch with Staff branches having specific branch colored chain stitching.

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In 1885, the branch of service color for Infantry was changed back to
White from the Sky Blue used from 1851 thru 1884. In 1887 the
Cavalry trim color was changed to a darker shade of yellow.

1885 Gold Lace Rank Chevrons start at $39.00 a pair (for Arty, Infy or Cavy Corporal)
Qty: pair Rank:

Backer Color:

1885 Gold Lace 5 Yr Service in Peace Stripes (on dark blue) start at $25.00 a pair (used by all branches)

Qty: pair Service In Peace Stripes:  


1885 Gold Lace Service in War Stripes (on branch color) start at $29.00 a pair

(branch specific)

Qty: pair 5 Year Service in War Stripe with Branch Colored Background:

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