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99 Officer Khaki Trousers

#9942-The Regulation M-1899 Khaki Field Trousers

Foot style is shown at left. Improvements to this model over the '98 were curved front pockets, addition of a second back pocket, and an outseam laces-see photo at lower left.  Standard is the double button style waistband to support the suspenders. As an option, belt loops can be added. If this option is chosen, the waistband buttons are positioned on the inside.

Due to the laces on the outseam, a finished inseam must be specified. Brown laces are included. Order mounted style in the "Style" choice box. Leg stripes were not used on the 1899 Khaki Trousers.

Made in the USA!


99 Trouser Laces
M-1899 US Army Khaki Foot Trousers start at $215.00

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