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1899 Officer Khaki Blouse


M-1899 Officer Blouse with Artillery Shoulder Tabs. Showing front and back views. Note sewn back seam. 

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Pocket Detail

Cuff and Lower Pocket detail of the 1899 Blouse 

#9962-The Regulation M-1899 Officer's Khaki Field Blouse

as worn by Infantry Officers is shown at left. Several improvements were made to this blouse over the 1898 model. The body design has been changed to a 6 piece body. The back pleat has been replaced with a sewn seam, and most noticeably, the branch trim colors were dropped altogether except for the shoulder tabs- now made removable!

 The lower pockets have been moved closer to the front of the blouse, almost lining up with the upper pockets.  The changes to the trim color scheme allowed the Army to order a minimal amount of blouses from contractors, since without trim colors, they could be issued to any branch. Then, when issued, the appropriate branch colored shoulder tabs could be clipped on- a sizeable Cost Savings! The Tab and Shoulder clips are supplied loose and come with sewing instructions. If you would like us to hand sew these clips on, additional charge is $30.00. The M-1883 US Eagle buttons are sewn on. Metal rank insignia was usually worn on the shoulder straps of this coat. 

Made in the USA! 

In 1899, the Infantry branch color was changed to White from the previously used Sky Blue.

All M-1899 khaki Blouses are custom made for each order. Please allow 5-6 weeks for delivery. Because custom orders are not returnable, please visit our measurement page and submit your measurements when you order.  

#9962 M-1899 Officer Khaki Blouse starts at: $255.00 (with Shoulder Clips loose)

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