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 We stock Shoulder Knots for the 7th Cavalry


1872 and later US Army Officer Shoulder Knots

With the uniform changes made in 1872, the US Army dropped the fringe type Epaulets on Dress Uniforms for Officer ranks below General and adopted a modified version without fringe. Thus Shoulder "Knots" were born- so called because of the twisted cord that looked like a knot. By Regulations, Generals continued to wear the older style Epaulets. Gold cord is 1/4" diameter and the oval area is softly padded to achieve the desired "bump". Our Shoulder Knots are sold in pairs. Installation hardware and instructions included.

Shoulder Knots for the 7th Cavalry (ranks of 2d Lieutenant thru Lt Colonel) are IN STOCK. These are priced at $79.00 because we order them in quantity. Other branches of service (colors), regiments and staff departments are available on custom order and priced higher. The Custom Order knots take about 10 weeks to get from our supplier. Imported

Branch of Service colors for 1872 and later Knots. 

1872 and Later Officer Knots start at: $79.00 pair (Custom Knots Higher Priced)


If ordering Custom Knots, please specify Rank: (Example: 2nd Lieut, Capt, Lt Colonel etc)

If ordering Custom Knots for a Staff Officer-please Specify Department:

(Example: "Staff- Medical Dept"; "Staff- Signal Service"; "Staff- Engineer Corps"; "Staff- Ordnance Dept"; "Staff- Quartermaster Dept";.) (Staff Officers do not use Regimental Numbers.)

If ordering Custom Knots for a Line Officer- please specify Regimental Number and Branch:

(Example: "7 Cavalry"; "3 Infantry"; "4 Artillery"; (Line Officers serve with troops.)

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